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Combat Shuai Chiao-   

    Shuai Chiao (pronounced shwy jow) is China's oldest Martial Art, dating over 2,000 years. It encompasses all ranges of stand-up fighting, moving smoothly into and out of kicking, punching, throwing, and joint locking.   However, unlike other martial arts which focus exclusively on striking techniques, Shuai Chiao embraces a core of powerful throws as a method of defense. When a throw is used against an opponent, especially a high-amplitude throw, the ground becomes the unforgiving striking surface, and gravity becomes the accelerating force, in addition to the acceleration of the throw at the point at which the thrower releases his opponent.

      When a fighter slams his opponent head-first into the ground, a severe concussion or a fractured skull may result.  These factors combine to make a throw the choice method of incapacitation for people such as Special Forces soldiers, who often find themselves dealing with multiple attackers and cannot afford the extra time required in exchanging blows. Shuai-chiao's techniques are the culmination of tested grappling experience in the best environment - the battlefield.  

      Combat Shuai Chiao incorporates strikes, joint locks, throws, and attacks to vital points. For this reason, it appeals to grapplers who want to expand their grappling skills with Shuai Chiao and also add a striking dimension to their arsenal. It also appeals to those who specialize in striking and kicking but need to add grappling skills to their existing knowledge base. The art integrates rapidly with other martial arts skills, allowing for the fighter to utilize the most practical methods to prevail.

    Furthermore, for the advanced student, our curriculum includes methods of controlling the opponent while avoiding injury to him. The recognition of the reality of street encounters is that regardless of how proficient your standup skills may be, there is still a possibility that a street fight will go to the ground.   Combinations of locks, joint manipulations, and chokes can be used to control the opponent. 



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